Chicchana Onaka Episode 3

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No synopsis information has been added to this title.

Love 2 Quad Episode 2

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One day, the most popular teacher at Akakura Gakuen, Aoi-sensei, approached Wataru and informed him that his help is needed and he must take off his clothes immediately. She was an agent of the secret international de...

Rance 01: Hikari wo Motomete Episode 4

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Anime adaptation of the 2013 remake of the 1989 AliceSoft adult PC game Rance 01.

Chijoku no Seifuku Episode 2

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Based on the game by Bishop.

Chijoku no Seifuku Episode 1

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Based on the game by Bishop.

Mashou no Nie 3 Episode 1

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Based on the erotic game by Liquid.

Houkago Initiation Episode 1

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Based on the manga by Arai Kei.

Baka na Imouto o Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no XX Dake na Ken ni Tsuite Episode 3

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Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!.

Baka na Imouto o Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no XX Dake na Ken ni Tsuite Episode 2

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Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!.

Baka na Imouto o Rikou ni Suru no wa Ore no XX Dake na Ken ni Tsuite Episode 1

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Based on the adult game by Pita Fetish!.

Nama Lo Re: Nama Kemono Episode 1

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The OVA is based off of the Akazawa Red manga.

Energy Kyouka Episode 2

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No synopsis information has been added to this title.

Two Facials of Eve Episode 1

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Keiichi Hayama always dreamed about hot sex with his childhood sweetheart, but one day she transformed in his dream into a mysterious beauty with perfect breasts and a seductive eyes. The next afternoon, Keiichi ca...

The Pianist Episode 1

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When a famous pianist is badly injured, his hopes for the future are shattered. To aid his recovery, Yuna, a lovely android with a heart of gold, will do anything to help...

City of Sin Episode 1

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There goes the neighborhood! A barbaric warrior king seizes the beautiful Queen Beatrice. As his soldiers ravage her kingdom, they introduce the city wenches to a variety of exotic sexual acts. Soon, the haughty queen...

Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji Episode 1

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Legend has it that the human race is not the only dominant civilization living on Earth. Two other races exist in this world: the Makai (a demon race) and the Juujinkai (a half-man, half-beast race). Once every 3,00...

Bride of Darkness Episode 2

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A young servant, Sanshiro, who has fallen in love with his master's daughter, Momoyo, tortures himself with lustful thoughts as he spies on the buxom young woman from a hole in her ceiling. Full of despair on the day ...

Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji 3 Episode 1

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Twenty-five years ago, the world was annihilated. With the coming of the Overfiend, God of all Gods, the human, demon, and beast realms collapsed together in chaos. With the promise that he would be born in 100 yea...

Sex Craft Episode 1

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When Kumi and her friends play around with a witchboard, they accidentally summon a malevolent ghost. The ghost possesses the girls, using them to steal people's sexual energy. Soon, Kumi is no longer acting on her ow...

Wet Summer Days Episode 2

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Dramatic Tension leads to sexual release! Sayaka Shirakawa is the daughter of an art professor who specializes in death-themed paintings. She is dating one of his students, Souji Kamishiro. For some reason, Sayaka see...

Imouto Paradise! Episode 1

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This new production of Murakami Teruaki, greatly known for his savage eroticism unrivaled in depictions of high-speed piston-like action and facial expressions accompanying orgasm, is, of all things, in the genre o...

Honoo no Haramase Doukyuusei Episode 2

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Kazuya is a high school student. He is forced to move to a school dormitory because his parents have gone abroad on business, and they sold their house before leaving Japan. But, his school has no boys’ dormitory, ...

Imouto Paradise! 2 Episode 2

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This is the sequel to Imouto Paradise!.It’s summer vacation and Keiichi’s parents left him with his five younger sisters to go on an overseas trip. Now with their parents far out of the picture, his younger sisters ...

Pandra The Animation Episode 1

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Based on the manga by Erect Sawaru.

Ashita no Yukinojou Episode 2

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Kasuga Serina is a cheerful girl and enjoys her school life. One day, she meets a handsome transfer student, Yukimura Yukinojo, who acts as if he were indifferent of others. Despite his behavior, she cannot help ca...

Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai Episode 4

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Mochizuki Tomoya is a guy that lives on his own with only a day job at a convenience store keeping him afloat.While he really likes eroge, he can’t draw,isn’t much of a writer or composer, and doesn’t know much abo...

Kakyuusei 2: Anthology Episode 2

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Childhood friends,Ryoma and Tamaki,are not just friends.Actually,they have sexual intercourse,but they’re not lovers, either.One day,Tamaki gets angry with Ryoma and announces to break with him because he didn’t ta...

Secret Journey Episode 1

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Genjo Sanzo is on a journey, he has to travel to India to retrieve the holy sutras.